Social Work

A Degree in Social Work Is Important for Career as Probation Officer

Many college graduates, today, are considering professions in careers that may not be financial lucrative but, instead, provide service to…

COLCOA French Film Festival 2014: 'Stop-Over' Review

The fantastic thing about International Film Festivals is that they present a program of films that may not be widely seen at the local…

Pass the Social Work Licensing Exam

Thousands of people take the social work licensing exam each year. Not everyone who takes the exam becomes a licensed social worker. You can…
Social Work

The Role of Research in Social Work Practice

The Role of Research in Practice – I experienced a significant change in how I think about the importance of research since watching…

The Golden Nuggets of Social Work

It’s funny how I’m doing something that I thought I would never do – practicing social work. Working with families for the…

Latest introductions to know about automotive technology

Here comes to know about this, many of the automotive companies and industries are designing and manufacturing a wide range of automobiles…

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What is an attorney at law?

An attorney at law refers to a title used by lawyers in certain jurisdictions. It is an abbreviation…

Promotional items can help expand your business

Promotional Items are inexpensive items branded with a company’s logo and distributed to…