Building Brand Equity

In advertising, brand management goes beyond planning, setting a message, creating imagery and making a marketable product or service. It involves providing meaning and value to your brand’s perceptions. It’s a constantly evolving process because brand perceptions, values, and associations with business change in the face of changing markets. This involves constant evaluation, assessment, and research to ensure your brand is set up for optimal performance.

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In brand management, brand equity is a powerful concept that recognizes that consumers tend to give a high rank to companies that they perceive as being in a position of superior importance. This is why consumers give high rank to well-known companies while giving low ranks to new start ups. Consumers may give high ranks to established brands they trust and have a long history of trusting. However, they may be less likely to give high ranks to newer brands or those that are too dependent on technology or lacking in quality. Strong brand equity allows you and your competitors to capitalize on these positive brand impressions well into the future. However, it will be increasingly difficult for them to sustain or manage these impressions if they lack strong brand equity.

One way to build long-term benefits through brand management is by strengthening your brand over time. Brand equity involves valuing the benefits that consumers gain from using your brand name, and the value of multiple similar brands. If consumers are offered several brands when they purchase a product, they are more likely than others to buy that product from your brand. This principle is used in consumer product promotion, where marketers frequently offer coupons, free trial or other significant product discounts to increase brand loyalty. Most consumer product promotions revolve around one or two major brands. Many consumers will purchase products made by one manufacturer to obtain the same or better quality, or at least be satisfied with the quality, as those manufactured by another manufacturer.

A crucial aspect of brand management is determining whether an existing brand has a perceived value that can exceed the monetary value of the product line in which it competes. There are many ways to determine a brand’s perceived worth. Recent surveys provide valuable feedback on consumers’ perceptions about a brand’s value. Additionally, brand management professionals frequently monitor marketing campaigns to identify areas where marketing efforts could be improved to ensure that a particular product line’s perceived value is indeed greater than its actual worth.

Engaging with your target market is another important strategy to build long-term brand equity. Your marketing efforts will be successful if you can identify and communicate with potential customers. Consumers are more likely to choose businesses that are easily accessible and offer one-stop shopping. You can appeal to more people by including features such as a google reviews link in your marketing communications. This will give you a greater chance of creating brand equity.

Marketing communications such as commercials and ads can be a way to increase brand awareness and brand equity. In fact, the effectiveness of these types of communication can have a direct impact on brand image. A poor television advertisement might leave consumers unimpressed with a brand, while an aggressive ad could lead them to another brand. Similarly, poorly designed commercials or radio ads could cause consumers to form a negative impression of a brand, even when that brand had no bearing on the content or storyline of the advertisement. Effective communication with your target audience is key to effective brand management strategies. Effective marketing techniques and ineffective advertisements can be addressed to ensure your brand achieves its full potential.

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