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Explaining Astrological Houses

Astrological Houses helps you know about Relationship Tarot Spreads For Love, and the areas of your life that you can influence by specific planets and zodiac sign. They start at your ascendant, or first house cusp, and move counter-clockwise.

First House

The first house speaks to your sense of self and individuality. It governs the physical body, your personality and appearance. The house also reveals what makes you unique and your natural leadership qualities.

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Your ascendant (aka rising sign) is the ruler of your first house, and it defines your general outlook in life. If your rising sign is Leo for example, you will show up with a confident and glass-half-full outlook in the world.

When retrograde planets affect the first house, they encourage you to embrace your uniqueness and authenticity. They may challenge you to be true to yourself, even if this goes against social norms and expectations. A professional astrologer will be able to provide a more detailed interpretation of your first house based on the unique birth chart.

Second House

The second home represents your finances, family wealth and resources. It also reveals how you make money and your values when it comes to money.

If Venus or Jupiter is in your second house, then you are a good saver who will find harmony and wealth around money. However, if Mars or Saturn are in this house, you might have a more challenging time when it comes to financial stability.

If your second house is in Pisces, you don’t care as much about money and possessions. You’re more interested in finding creative or unique work to make money. The planet Neptune rules Pisces, the second house. This blurs the line between material wealth and spiritual ideals. This can create a lot confusion in your finances.

Third House

In astrology, the Third House is associated with communication and intelligence. It also governs siblings, short trips, and the local community.

If Leo graces your 3rd House, you are a confident communicator with a flair for dramatic storytelling. You may have a natural leadership style in group discussions and debates. People with Virgo as their 3rd house sign have a meticulous and analytical approach to communication. They also have a keen interest in health and wellbeing topics.

When planets, asteroids, or celestial points move through the Third House of your natal chart, they provide a deeper understanding of how you learn and communicate with others. It’s an incredibly useful tool to have, so pay attention to your natal 3rd House! It’s your life, and we’re here to help. Enjoy!

Fourth House

The Fourth House is the emotional base of your natal chart. It is ruled by the Moon and located at the bottom. It focuses on themes such as emotional security, family relations (especially with your mothers or maternal figures), and emotional imprints left by your ancestors.

If you have this placement, you will be very sensitive to those around you. You may feel like you’re a crab stuck in a shell. You need privacy to be at peace. The fourth home is also about self-care.

Fifth House

The Fifth House is all for creativity, fashion and unbridled personal expression. It’s the zodiac’s Broadway stage, where you can be your boldest and most flamboyant self.

The house will also determine your relationship with children, and how easy (or difficult) it is to have them. It is ruled the Sun, and Leo is the zodiac. Therefore, it’s a kingly area.

The Fifth House governs speculative and risky activities, as well hobbies and pleasures. It is also related to teaching and education, including yoga in higher education. This area also reveals the way you approach intellectual pursuits. It also governs your sense of discrimination and how refined you are in thought. It also rules astrological bodyparts such as the stomach and upper back, middle and middle back, and pancreas.

Sixth House

The sixth house is ruled by Mercury and Virgo and focuses on work, health, fitness and service. This can include cleaning, caring for pets, and organizing daily schedules. People with planets in this house often have a deep love for order and will notice any imbalance within their day to day routine. They can be prone to worry, and may act as the canary in the mine, chirping continuously when something feels wrong.

The sixth house also governs illness, recovery, and healing. It also reveals a person’s ability to comfort other people in times of difficulty or discomfort. Chiron in the 6th house can reveal gifted healers as well as people who are passionate about a healthy lifestyle. This is the house of your body’s inner sanctum.

Seventh House

The Seventh House is about relationships and partnerships. This includes marriages, but also platonic or business connections. This house is about karmic lessons and patterns in relationships.

People with this placement tend to attract partners who are unconventional. They don’t want to be tamed and may find themselves in relationships full of drama.

Pay attention to the way that this influences your relationship approach when any planets in your chart transit through this house. Understanding this core theme in your chart can help navigate challenges and find joy through life’s connections. Also, pay attention to the significator of this house – Venus – for more insight. It can give you a lot hope for love.

Eighth House

The Eighth House is a reflection of our ability to manage power dynamics and resources shared in relationships. It also governs our approach to secrets, esoteric life aspects and a way of thinking.

This is an incredibly complex and transformative home. It features themes like death, transformation and rebirth. And while cliches about this house may include Goth fixation, revenge fantasies and auto-asphyxiation, there’s much more to the Eighth House than that.

The karaka for this house is Saturn, which reflects the heaviness and serpent wisdom of this house. Saturn’s position here suggests that a karmic learning lesson is connected to how to surrender and accept the flow of life. This includes death and regeneration. This is an opportunity to develop a deeper level of trust in yourself and others. To understand that the truth of one person is not necessarily true for another.

Ninth House

The ninth house relates to higher learning, philosophy, and spirituality, along with long-distance travel and cross-cultural connections. The ruler of the nine house is Sagittarius. This encourages us to create a belief system or philosophy that inspires.

People with this placement are often driven by a sense of mission in life and fight for their beliefs. But they should be careful not to bond too strongly with those around them, as this can close them off to new experiences.

The ninth house is a place where we can expand our perspective. This can be achieved by gaining knowledge, traveling to distant places, or learning different languages. The 9th House reflects our interest in psychology, spirituality, and religion. All of these are great ways to expand our perspective and explore.

Tenth House

The Tenth House, at the top of the house structure is where your ambitions crystallize and you make your mark on the universe. It is connected to themes such as leadership roles, how you view yourself in the workplace and power structures, and your public image.

When Uranus is here, you have a vision for future-oriented work that promotes humanity, she says. Aquarius’ progressive spirit and passion for justice make it a good match with the Tenth House.

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